Hello Kitty


Hello Kitty is a fictional Japanese character created by Sanrio. She’s a kind hearted English girl with a cat persona. She’s as tall as 5 apples stacked high together and likes to bake cookies. Her signature red bow on her left ear makes her as cute as a button. With age, I’m realizing my obsession with Hello Kitty is definitely increasing.

Products featuring Hello Kitty can be found everywhere. Originally Sanrio seemed to have aimed at the pre-adolescent female market as Hello Kitty products ranged from dolls, stickers, greeting cards, teen clothes, accessories, school supplies and stationery. Hello Kitty later expanded to include products such as toasters, televisions, other home appliances, massagers, and computer equipment, targeting young adults as most of this merchandise is retailed at value prices. Hello Kitty’s products now are also targeting the high-end consumer. Sanrio partnered with Simmons Jewelry in 2005 and since then they have been producing jewelry and watches consisting of diamonds, gemstones, semi-precious stones, 18K gold, Sterling silver, enamel and ceramic. Many beautiful and affordable Hello Kitty jewels can be found on sale here: Hello Kitty Jewelry on Sale! 


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I’ll be posting some of my favorite Hello Kitty items here along with links to best prices I find- hope you enjoy!


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