Anastasia Beverly Hills – Liquid Lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks are gaining popularity rapidly – they contain the pigment of a lipstick, and the glide of a gloss. Most popular and trusted makeup brands are coming out with a new and fabulous line of “liquid lipstick” claiming to be the best. Kat Von D has her line of “Everlasting Liquid Lipstick“, Lime Crime has the infamous “Velvetines“, Stila offers the “Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick” and the queen of brows Anastasia Soare has now created the “Liquid Lipsticks by Anastasia Beverly Hills“.

Here is the description for this product directly taken from Anastasia Beverly Hills website: This ultra-saturated liquid formula delivers an intense shot of matte pigment in one easy swipe. A single application gives you smear-resistant coverage that stays put for hours.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick Swatches

They continue to add new shades and currently have over 30 different hues available varying from natural nudes, to subtle pinks, to vampy rich colors. They offer full matte coverage with just a single swipe. These liquid lipsticks are intensely pigmented so generally one coat is sufficient to get the rich color on your pout- however, they are buildable if a bold look is desired. On the contrary, if the liquid lipstick is too bold for your liking, then you can make them look more like a stain if you blot the color with a tissue a few seconds after application. Keep this in mind, these liquid lipsticks are meant to stay on for hours and hours, so they can be drying. To keep your pout from becoming dehydrated and cracked, try prepping your lips with a wax-based lip balm to keep them moist.

I came across a tip about liquid lipsticks while browsing through my Cosmopolitan magazine for gals who may be getting ready for a date and expecting some action from their partners. The article actually promoted the Liquid Lipsticks by Anastasia Beverly Hills and mentioned that this type of formula is great for making out because the lip color won’t transfer onto your partner’s lips. “Whether it’s your first date or your wedding day, and you want to go a little bolder with your lip color, liquid lipsticks are the way to go. They’re meant to be long-wearing, so the color will not only not transfer onto your cocktail glass, it won’t kiss off on your man’s lips either”. Cosmopolitan US, July 2015.

Liquid Lipstick Packaging

The key to a million dollar smile starts with soft, sexy and healthy lips. These are a few things to keep mind to keep your lips healthy and youthful:

1. Get good hydration: Water is the key to great skin, and dry lips are typically caused by dehydration. Steer clear of caffeine and alcohol and opt for water instead to make lips healthy from inside out.

2. Try light exfoliation: Shed a bit of dry skin with a light exfoliation. All you need is an extra toothbrush and a rich balm or petroleum jelly. Gently move the brush in circles to remove any excess dryness to make lips their very softest. There are also several inexpensive lip exfoliators in the market which work wonders in keeping the dead skin off and giving your lips a luminous, and youthful appearance.

3. Use a lip balm: Try getting in a habit of putting on a natural lip balm after your nightly cleansing routine which will help to lock in moisture. Neosporin makes one called “Overnight Renewal Therapy” which retails for under $10 and claims to repair and nourish your lips during your sleep. A product like this maybe of great help to individuals who tend to wear lipstick on a daily basis.