Disappointing Chinese Delivery from Lotus Garden

Two out of five stars as our dinner from Chinese restaurant Lotus Garden last night was edible – but far, VERY far, from being enjoyable. A bag of chips would have been far more tasty than the disappointing delivery from this restaurant .

We recently moved to Upland and are still trying to find businesses that deliver to our part of town, and it seems that the choices are pretty scarce. Lots of restaurant options nearby in the colonies area if you want to dine out, but it seems I’ll have to do some cooking myself if we’re in the mood to Netflix and chill.

I ordered delivery from Lotus Garden last night. This place is about 4 plus miles away from our house, and they delivered within half hour which was surprising. At first I was excited for the quick turn around time, but immediately after looking at our delivery I could tell that all the items were probably sitting there all day as nothing looked fresh.

Here is what we ordered:

• Egg rolls – Two vegetable egg rolls which were super slimy inside and really oily outside. No actual flavor.
• Chicken dumplings – These were pretty burnt. I just had a small bite and put it away as it just tasted like char and oil.
• Combination Chowmein –  Oily and flavorless, with grey looking meat bits.
• Orange Chicken (half order)- Sweet dough balls that were possibly fried 12 hours ago and were now just a glazy mush.
• Mongolian Beef (half order)- Watery and salty sauce. Meat wasn’t tough but I could taste a raw flour after taste. Hard to explain, but this was the most edible dish.
With tax, delivery fee, and tip, we spent $45.00.

I ordered through Yelp, and requested the chow mein and the Mongolian beef to be “very spicy”. I don’t think they pay attention to any requests as all of our dishes were simply flavorless and were far from even having a hint of spice. Salt and oil seemed like the two main ingredients they use.

I love supporting small businesses and were really hoping to find our new go-to Chinese delivery place. Unfortunately the food was very disappointing, and we would never eat here again. My better bet maybe to pick up a Chinese cookbook and learn to make a few staples items the next time we get a craving!

orange chicken
Soggy Orange Chicken
Tasteless Oily Chowmein
Mongolian Beef


The Junction – Casual Dining

Restaurant: The Junction

Address: 1 N. Indian Hill Blvd. #102-103 Claremont, CA 91711

About the restaurant: A casual restaurant with a trendy vibe. Limited alcohol menu serving only beer and wine. Menu is a mix of tapas style small bites and regular portion options influenced by Spanish and Asian cuisine – mostly Americanized Korean popular dishes.

My Thoughts: I’d never go here on purpose or by choice again – everything was edible (if you’re really hungry) and forgettable.

We ordered a few different menu items – none of them tasted amazing, but they were eatable.
1. Stuffed dates and figs – Tasted really bad, but I don’t like blue cheese. My friend thought they were edible but not good. Presentation looked like sad roaches to me. Yuck.

2. Avocado mango salad – Probably the best tasting thing we ordered. However, it was simply sliced avocados, chopped mangoes, salad leaves, raisins, and a salty/watery dressing. Not something i can’t chop up at home. Better than meh.

3.Korean  BBQ Tacos – bulgogi and kalbi – I couldn’t tell the difference between them – sweet and oily. Meh. I asked for hot sauce on the side- that was good, super spicy and tangy.

4. Korean BBQ burger with fries – Didn’t even ask how I liked my burger cooked… sad overcooked beef slab. Fries were okay with ketchup. Ranch was gross 🙁

Avocado Mango Salad