The Junction – Casual Dining

Restaurant: The Junction

Address: 1 N. Indian Hill Blvd. #102-103 Claremont, CA 91711

About the restaurant: A casual restaurant with a trendy vibe. Limited alcohol menu serving only beer and wine. Menu is a mix of tapas style small bites and regular portion options influenced by Spanish and Asian cuisine – mostly Americanized Korean popular dishes.

My Thoughts: I’d never go here on purpose or by choice again – everything was edible (if you’re really hungry) and forgettable.

We ordered a few different menu items – none of them tasted amazing, but they were eatable.
1. Stuffed dates and figs – Tasted really bad, but I don’t like blue cheese. My friend thought they were edible but not good. Presentation looked like sad roaches to me. Yuck.

2. Avocado mango salad – Probably the best tasting thing we ordered. However, it was simply sliced avocados, chopped mangoes, salad leaves, raisins, and a salty/watery dressing. Not something i can’t chop up at home. Better than meh.

3.Korean  BBQ Tacos – bulgogi and kalbi – I couldn’t tell the difference between them – sweet and oily. Meh. I asked for hot sauce on the side- that was good, super spicy and tangy.

4. Korean BBQ burger with fries – Didn’t even ask how I liked my burger cooked… sad overcooked beef slab. Fries were okay with ketchup. Ranch was gross 🙁

Avocado Mango Salad