Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow by Stila Cosmetics

stilla gold shadow

Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadows by Stila cosmetics are dazzling creamy eye shadows with a multidimensional metallic finish and unique texture. They are packed with textured sparkle to help you achieve a variety of effects, from a light shimmer to an opaque metallic finish. They can be purchased alone, or with a mini Stay All Day® Liquid Eye Primer and a mixing tray. The standard price for the shadow with primer combo is usually $32.00. Find them on sale here.

Though they come in numerous shades, after testing them and reading reviews from many others, I compiled a list of the most preferred and highly rated shades. I’ve also included a simple explanation describing each of the shades for those of you who may not have access to testers before making your purchase.

stilla kitten
Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow in “kitten”

Popular Magnificent Metals Shades:

  • Metallic Jade – golden emerald green
  • Metallic Violet – glistening violet shimmer
  • Metallic Lilac – soft lilac luster
  • Metallic Golden Pink – pink with golden shimmer
  • Metallic Rose Quartz – soft pink with silver sheen
  • Metallic Gilded Gold – golden bronze luster
  • Metallic Pixie Dust – irredescent white gold
  • Metallic Peach – soft peach shimmer

Stila and all beauty gurus suggest to always use the primer first before application to ensure long lasting staying power. The primer vial is tiny, so a little goes a long way. I found the correct “suggested usage” from Stila’s website for reference:

  • Add two drops of eye primer to mixing tray.
  • Add a small dab of Magnificent Metals shadows to the mixing tray.
  • Swirl primer and shadow together.
  • Use the tip of your finger to gently press mixture onto center of lid.
  • For a bold, high-metallic finish, build intensity with additional layers.

stila model eye

After applying these metallic shadows both with the primer and without, I realized that primer makes them a bit more shiny and metallic, therefore more appropriate for a night-time look. If a softer and subtle sheen is desired, then there is no need for the primer to be used. Be sure to close the lid of your shadow tightly after use to prevent them from drying out. Overall, I love these eye shadows due to their versatility, unique texture, vibrant colours, and long lasting power.